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ANGUDADA wants to experiment.

He wants to play mixing music with poetry, literature with speech, sounds with the arts, seeking to expand the universe of music made for children. ANGUDADÁ intends to provide the contact of the children with an original repertoire composed of significant elements of the world of children, of the cultures of the world and of the aesthetic advances in music, poetry and music. other arts.

ANGUDADÁ wants the sound of the prairies, the savannahs, the woods and the caatingas, and also the sound echoed in the buildings of the avenue. Whether the mystery that exists in the silence of Guimarães Rosa, the strength of the syllable in Joao Gilberto, wants to put Hermeto Pascoal on the radio and Haroldo de Campos on the floor.

ANGUDADÁ wants to share with children different music from those broadcast by the mainstream media, walking on the threshold of artistic, poetic and entertaining. It wants to stimulate the aesthetic fruition, which does not pass through the functionalization of art, often sought after when composing itself for childhood. That is, we encourage experimentation and inventiveness, contributing to a broader and more creative kindergarten education.

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