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Carol Ladeira



Mar de Vento (Sea of Wind)


Carol Ladeira recorded Mar de Vento along with her long-time working partners: Chico Santana (percussion), Edu Guimarães (accordion and piano) and Gustavo de Medeiros (guitar 7, mandolin and guitar). This works is permeated by songs, sambas, candombe, ijexás. Want to find out more about it? Click here

Quitanda (Greengrocer)


Quitanda is the debut cd of Carol Ladeira, who started very well accompanied by the musical direction of Kiko Dinucci and Marcelo Pretto, as well as special guest appearances by Chico Saraiva, Ricardo Zohyo, Ricardo Matsuda and a lot of beloved friends! Want to find out more about it? Click here

Mergulho (Dive)


First cd of the Colloquial Quintet group. Music that helps us to know a deeper Brazil. Get to know more!

Esticador de Horizontes (Horizon Stretcher)


First cd of the group CantaVento. The name is homage to the Brazilian poet Manoel de Barros. His work is one of the great inspirations of this work: a delicate and poetic vision about childhood. Get to know more!



Album to listen, watch and read. The Angu group is an experiment. He wants to play mixing music with poetry, literature with speech, sounds with the arts. Get to know more!

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