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Carol Ladeira

""Daughter of a mother from Minas Gerais and a father from Ceará.

I was born facing Bahia da Guanabara,

In Rio de Janeiro city.

My mother tells - and I love this story! - it was a day of sun and rain.

The first time I went on stage was to do theater.


I did some time, until I discovered the pleasure of singing, and discovered that this was my way of learning and sharing Love.

Since then, impregnated with poetry, I am trying to become a bird." '

Carol released two solo CDs. The debut was with Quitanda (2010), with musical direction of Kiko Dinucci and Marcelo Pretto. The second, Sea of ​​Wind (2017), is a sensitive listening to our present Time.

With the groups of which is part, launched four more works. With the Colloquial Quintet, came Mergulho (2013), researching popular Brazilian rhythms and languages ​​linked to jazz. With Quinteto, she was awarded by the Ministry of Culture with Artistic Residency in Pernambuco.


This experience resulted in the elaboration of a show and documentary with the Bongar Group, from Casa de Candomblé Xambá, from Olinda (2011). He made presentations in Mendozza and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With CantaVento, created the cds Horizon Stretcher (2013) and Brincantorias (2018 - coming out of the oven soon :-)) And the beautiful Angudadá (2014) with Angu.


Carol holds a master's degree in Arts from Scene at Unicamp. Also was soloist of the show "The Great Mystical Circus" of Chico Buarque and Edu Lobo, directed by Nelson Ayres (2011).


Carol has already been invited to perform in the Mr. Brasil program, by Rolando Bondrin, on TV Cultura and opened the Elza Soares show at the International Book Fair in Ribeirão Preto


What's been said about Carol:

"Exímia interpreter and super sensitive in relation to the unfolding of Brazilian music, Carol has been doing her art for a long time and always with a coherence and a talent that enchants. In addition to the groups Quinteto Coloquial and CantaVento, since 2009, with Quitanda, she presents individual work and stands with one of the main voices to stay in the scene in São Paulo and Brazil. An illumination, in short! "Guto Leite, composer and professor of Brazilian Literature at UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul):

"Carol Ladeira's recently released CD from Campinas (SP) is a dip in her musical universe of varied rhythms and languages. This is her second solo album, but the singer has already participated in a group of three other phonographic records of popular traditions and songs. In the case of this new work, Mar de Vento, Carol gives emphasis to Afros rhythms, poetry and popular song. The subtlety of the voice remains the same. " Augusto Diniz, from the GGN Portal

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