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Horizon Stretcher



CantaVento makes good music to play with!

The group is formed by musicians and educators interested in the rapprochement and dialogue with the Brazilian children's musical universe.

Awarded in 2012 with the Cultural Action Program of the State of São Paulo - ProAc - recording, is launching in 2013 its first cd, 'Stretcher of Horizons'. With presentations in several Public Schools, SESCs, SESIs and Festivals in Brazil, the group formed by Aline Moraes on the flutes, Carol Ladeira in the voice, João Arruda on the viola and charango, Marcelo Falleiros on the guitar and Raul Rodrigues on the percussion and drums, performs a careful work, made for small people and great people to sing along.

Affectionate and joyful sounds that wish to stretch our poetic gaze to the world and transform the stage into a place of play!


CantaVento has 2 shows: 'Horizon Stretcher' and 'Crazy Boat', as well as a compact version for events and special situations. In all of them, the music mixes with body expression, poetry and elements of street theater, creating cheerful and delicate presentations, invitation for the whole family to have fun.

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