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Colloquial Quintet


The Colloquial Quintet was born from our desire to know Brazil, this place we live in and that inhabits us. Music was the mother tongue with which we launched new paths and unknown houses. It has led us to people with diverse ways of thinking, creating, praying, fighting for Life and celebrating. Encounters that teach and excite us.This cd is a letter that we wrote during this crossing, our way of sharing these feelings.
"Surely you know: we want to swim a river and pass; but it's going to hit the other band is at a much lower point, quite different from what was first thought. Is not living too dangerous? "Asks Guimarães Rosa.


It has been.

And great.


Artistic and Musical Direction. Colloquial Quintet
Carol Ladeira. voice
Gustavo Infante. guitar . . 7 string guitar in track 11
Pedro Abrantes. fretless bass, cowbell in track 11
Raul Rodrigues. drums and percussion
Vinicius Bastos Gomes. piano clarinet on track 9. ratchet in lane 11. conga in track 2

Special participations:
Flavio Azevedo. conga in lanes 5 and 11.
Alessandra Ribeiro and Vanessa Dias. chords in lanes 5 and 11.
Group Bongar in track 7:
Meme - Congas
Beto Black from Xambá - Melê Ancó (Ilü), Caxixi, Ganzá
Nino do Bongar from Xambá - Alfaia, Pandeiro


Capture performed at the Salaviva Studio, Espaço Cachuêra !, São Paulo in August and September of 2012.


Sound Engineers: Gustavo Breier and Carlos Akamine (KK)

Assistant: Sílvio Romualdo

Studio Coordination: Shen Ribeiro

Mixing. André Magalhães

Mastering. Homero Lotito

Graphic project . Group Garrucha. Flávia Moraes. A hard tackle from Laura de Paula Barbeiro. Miriam Yukie Kajiki. Roberta Santana. Sabrina Travençolo

Translation: Guilherme Johnston

Executive production . Colloquial Quintet


Jongueiro Velho (Jefinho de Guaratinguetá)
Black Memories (Diogo Nazareth and Carlinhos Campos)
Saruê (Sérgio Santos and Paulo César Pinheiro)
Pro Panama (Nilton Júnior)
Caboclo de Oxóssi (Bete Vitielo)
Lampião (Glauber Rocha and Sérgio Ricardo)
Wake up Maria (Guitinho da Xambá)
Angicos (Chico Science and Lucio Maia)
Ogum Iara (unknown author)
Oni Saurê - Greeting (Dalvadisio and W. Rangel)
Jongueiro Velho (Jeffinho de Guaratinguetá)
Xangô (Marcelo Onofri and Silvana Moura)
Oni Saurê - Greeting (Dalvadisio and W. Rangel)


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